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Welcome to the Ponyland server cluster wiki. This wiki is intended for language researchers at CLS/CLST/LST and Radboud University, Nijmegen and their affiliates.

Quick Reference

Ponyland is a Linux cluster mainly used for remotely processing data. Access is provided through SSH and VNC. Some basic knowledge of Linux (Unix) is recommended. If you don't need to do any processing, or you are not interested in using Linux, you can still use Ponyland to store your data. See: networkshares.

For detailed instructions, see login. To get an account, see account.

Furthermore, we have pages on the command line interface, an overview of basic commands and SSH.

Working with Ponyland for dummies

An introduction to working with Ponyland was written by user Astraea Blonk in June 2021 and can be downloaded here: here. Please note: As of February 2023, it is no longer possible to directly SSH into Applejack from outside of the university network. To login from home you need to use a VPN.