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If you want to use a desktop environment on a Linux cluster, it is strongly adviced to use the Ponyland VNC, as (1) the system running there is considerably easier to use, (2) the system running there is fully optimized for our group, and (3) it is more efficient for Wessel Stoop to only have to support one system. If this is not possible, this is what you have to do to get VNC running on Smurfland:

Part 1: start the server software on tenslogin

  1. Login to Smurfland using SSH. If you're not familiar with this, contact Wessel Stoop for help.
  2. cd to your home directory.
  3. cd ./vnc . If you get a permission denied, please contact Wessel Stoop, as this folder and all files in it will need to be accessible from your account.
  4. ls to view the contents of this folder. There will be two files ending with a number. This is your display number. If these two files do not exist yet, run ./vnc_start to create them.
  5. Edit the script vnc_start, and replace dd in DISPLAY=:dd with your display number.
  6. Start the VNC server software by running ./vnc_start. If this reports any problems, fix these problems and try again.

Part 2: start the client software on your local machine

  1. Start your favorite VNC client (for example: Real VNC).
  2. Tell the software to connect to tenslogin:dd, where dd is your displaynumber.
  3. The software will ask for a password. Your SSH password should double as your VNC password, but if this does not work, you can reset your VNC password by deleting the file passwd in the same directory as .vnc_start, and restarting the server software.
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