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About Smurfland

Smurfland is a computer cluster, owned by CLST, located on floor 8 of Erasmusgebouw. It was set up in 2010? using old university computers from media labs. There are 50 machines, called smurf01, smurf02smurf50.

Currently, a transition to the newer cluster Ponyland is in progress. Smurfland will keep running as long as is practically and financially reasonable. Factors include maintenance time and hardware replacement costs.

Division of labor

A few computers on Smurfland have a specialized function:

  • Tenslogin is the only computer connected to the internet, and thus has to be used as a portal server.
  • Papasmurf gives out IP-addresses on our local VLAN. Also, the Papasmurf directory /nfsroot/usr/local is mounted on other smurfs as /usr/local, which means software compiled here will be available on all smurfs.
  • SGEsmurf is manages SGE-related requests.


Support and maintenance for Smurfland is provided by Wessel Stoop (although there are many people in the department that know more about Smurfland at the moment).


50 machines:

  • Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6300 @ 1.86GHz
    Dual Core lx24-amd64
  • 4Gb Ram
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