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Important locations

Below is an overview of locations Ponyland users visit often. If you want to know more about the various disks these locations are on (for example, how much space is left there), visit Disk arrangement.

TL;DR where do I store my data?

LocationAccessibilitySpeedAmount of space
/home/user easily accessible from every pony slow reading and writing limited space
/vol/tensusers(2)/user accessible from every pony slow reading and writing several TBs free
/scratch/user different for every pony fast reading and writing space free differs per pony

Full overview

Path Physically linked to Description
~ derpy Your home directory. Home directories are small, and should only be used for scripts and other small things. Not for custom installations of software. For this, please use /vol/tensusers.
/scratch Individual machine These disks are local, so their content is not shared with other machines. This disk can be used to temporarily write files that only exist during your experiment, or if you need fast IO for your experiments, you can store your data locally. Space is limited so please be considerate.
/vol/bigdata/corpora derpy Corpora
/vol/bigdata/corpora2 derpy Corpora (actually on /vol/bigdata2)
/vol/bigdata/datasets derpy Datasets
/vol/bigdata/datasets2 derpy Datasets (actually on /vol/bigdata2)
/vol/bigdata/users derpy Deprecated

Personal data went here. We now have more space available on /vol/tensusers, please move your data there.
/vol/tensusers derpy Personal data goes here.
/vol/tensusers2 derpy Extension for the original tensusers disk.
/www spitfire Contains websites hosted on our webserver Spitfire
/www/lst/live/htdocs/staff spitfire Personal Homepages
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