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Websites on Ponyland

Ponyland has a dedicated webserver called spitfire. To have your website or webapplication hosted, please contact admin. For your personal page / staff page, see personalhomepage.

We can provide a domain-name such as:

  • <projectname>
  • <projectname>

Or full domain-name of your choice (e.g. <projectname>.net). A small yearly fee is charged for a full domain-name.

Websites on Spitfire

Website Path /www/ DNS CMS Admin basilex/live/htdocs C&CZ proycon, mhulsbosch biglistennl/live/htdocs UCI WordPress gbouwman, scharenborg<user> lst/live/htdocs/staff/<user> UCI HTML/PHP admin, you fowlt/live/htdocs antalb wstoop, proycon, antalb flat/live/htdocs C&CZ proycon gebareninzicht/live/htdocs ocrasborn Drupal ocrasborn lands/live/htdocs UCI esanders gobl/live/htdocs C&CZ WordPress hstrik oersetter/live/htdocs antalb proycon ponyland/live/htdocs C&CZ DokuWiki admin sighum/live/htdocs C&CZ DokuWiki kzervanou
sighum -- latech2013 sighum/live/htdocs/latech2013 C&CZ HTML kzervanou valkuil/live/ antalb proycon, antalb

Webservices on Applejack

Furthermore, a variety of RESTful webservices are hosted on applejack. The webservices can also be accessed by end-users, offering an in-browser interface.

For these webservices a (joint) account is necessary and can be requested here, this account is independent of the account you use to access ponyland or other RU services.

Webservice Description Software RESTful Specification Admin
Colibri Core Colibri Core, pattern modelling CLAM Specs proycon
Fowlt Fowlt, English spelling corrector CLAM Specs proycon, wstoop
Frog Frog is a suite containing a tokeniser, PoS-tagger, lemmatiser, morphological analyser, named entity recognition and dependency parser for Dutch CLAM Specs proycon
Oersetter Oersetter, Dutch↔Frisian Machine Translation CLAM Specs proycon
TiMBL Memory-based Classifier CLAM Specs proycon
FoLiA-Stats Quick computation of n-gram frequency lists on FoLiA XML input, and more CLAM Specs proycon
T-scan T-scan is a Dutch text analytics tool for readability prediction. CLAM Specs proycon
Ucto Tokeniser CLAM Specs proycon
Valkuil Valkuil, Dutch spelling corrector CLAM Specs proycon, antalb

Webdemos on Applejack

Webdemo Description Software Admin
Soothsayer Personalized word prediction Soothsayerwstoop
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