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 +====== Being nice ======
 +While running jobs that are not submitted to SGE, we have an unwritten agreement to use the "nice -n 19" command:
 +    nice -n 19
 +This way, your processes have the higher '​nice'​ value of 19 instead of the default 0, which means they are lower priority (=are nicer). This way, if other users have a pressing reason for their jobs to finish quickly, they can simply make their jobs a little less and take over a pony without having to wait for existing processes to finish. Also, using high nice values prevents your jobs from interfering with [[ wiki:​sge:​start | SGE]]. ​
 +On other server parks, you can sometimes also use negative nice values for higher priorities, but this is not allowed on Ponyland. Do not confuse this with the shorthand ''​nice -19''​ where the dash indicates the flag '​19',​ not the negative sign.
 +For multi-threaded jobs, please use SGE while submitting your jobs. This is detailed [[ wiki:​sge:​start | here]].
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