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 +====== Git ======
 +//This page is about git on Ponyland. For a general description on how git works, see [[wiki:​git:​start]].//​
 +===== 1. Setting up private git repositories on Ponyland =====
 +The preferred way to work with git at our department is via GitHub, making all of your code open source (see our [[wiki:​software_maintenance]]). There are, however, situations where you want don't want to make your work public (yet). For those situations, you can also put your repositories on Applejack.
 +It is quite easy to set up a private git repo on Ponyland. Assuming you already have the repository on your machine locally, all you have to do is:
 +  - On Applejack, ''​cd /​scratch2/​gitrepos''​
 +  - ''​mkdir <your repo name>''​
 +  - ''​cd <your repo name>''​
 +  - ''​git init --shared --bare''​
 +  - Locally, ''​git remote add origin​scratch2/​gitrepos/​yourrepo'' ​
 +  - ''​git push''​
 +===== 2. Using GitList to manage them =====
 +One of the main preferences of GitHub is its user friendly GUI. On Applejack, we use [[http://​​|GitList]] to simulate that interface. You can access GitList via http://​​git , using your Ponyland credentials.
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