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This page is about git on Ponyland. For a general description on how git works, see git.

1. Setting up private git repositories on Ponyland

The preferred way to work with git at our department is via GitHub, making all of your code open source (see our software_maintenance). There are, however, situations where you want don't want to make your work public (yet). For those situations, you can also put your repositories on Applejack.

It is quite easy to set up a private git repo on Ponyland. Assuming you already have the repository on your machine locally, all you have to do is:

  1. On Applejack, cd /scratch2/gitrepos
  2. mkdir <your repo name>
  3. cd <your repo name>
  4. git init –shared –bare
  5. Locally, git remote add origin
  6. git push

2. Using GitList to manage them

One of the main preferences of GitHub is its user friendly GUI. On Applejack, we use GitList to simulate that interface. You can access GitList via , using your Ponyland credentials.

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