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 +====== Making available files for download =======
 +If you need to make files (like datasets, corpora, recordings, language models, etc) available to fellow researchers,​ and you don't want to use your personal website for it, there are two places you can put it:
 +  * ''/​www/​lst/​live/​www/​htdocs''​ . It will be visible both at http://​​ and http://​
 +  * ''/​scratch2/​www/​htdocs''​ . It will be visible at http://​
 +Note: you need to be in the appropriate groups to access these places; ask [[admin]].
 +===== Authenticated corner =====
 +In case you don't want to open up your files to the entire world, you can put it in ''/​scratch2/​www/​htdocs/​authenticated''​ . It will be visible at http://​​authenticated/​ . The file username is ''​radboud'',​ ask [[admin]] for the password.
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