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Annis is a corpus annotation tool (see ), used for the Perspective project lead by Corien Bary. It exists of a front end and a back end.

Front end

This tomcat webapp can be reached via . Getting it live is a matter of:

  • Making sure the annis-gui-3.4.4.war file is in /var/www/tomcat8/live/tomcat8/webapps/ .
  • Redirecting the URL to Tomcat, which runs on port 8080. See config file /var/www/applejack/conf/vhosts-enabled/live.conf
  • Restarting tomcat

In case of problems, start with the latter.

Back end

This is a Java program that connects to a Postgres database. It requires some environment vars to be set before it runs. The database, the variables and the program itself can all be started with these commands:

#Start postgres
/vol/tensusers/wstoop/perspective/postgres/bin/postgres -D /vol/tensusers/wstoop/perspective/postgres/data &
#Set the environment vars
export ANNIS_HOME=/vol/tensusers/wstoop/perspective/annis/annis-service-3.4.4; 
export PATH=$PATH:$ANNIS_HOME/bin; 
#Start the Annis backend
/vol/tensusers/wstoop/perspective/annis/annis-service-3.4.4/bin/ start;
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