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About Ponyland

Ponyland is the informal name (officially Equestria) of the Computer Cluster for CLS. The cluster is used in the following ways:

  • Store databases and corpora
  • Run experiments
  • Parallel processing of huge datasets
  • Provide a Linux/Unix environment to users
  • Host several websites for CLS projects and affiliates

This service is provided for employees of CLS, affiliated guest researchers and student assistants.


The cluster is hosted by C&CZ at Faculty of Science (Huygensgebouw). Technical maintenance is provided by FNWI and user-support by admin.

Hardware specifications

Hardware was installed in June 2012. The cluster consists of several rack-mounted servers, with the following specifications:

Derpy & Spitfire

List of dedicated servers

AddressRAMLocal disk spaceCPU threadsAccessiblePurpose webserver and dataserver dataserver dataserver 504G 2.9T 56 y webserver, special purpose, portal

Ponies (computing nodes)

List of Pony-servers (computing nodes)

AddressBoring nameRAMLocal disk spaceCPU threadsGPU NVIDIA Tesla M40 NVIDIA Tesla M40

Please avoid Fancypants if you don't need the memory.

Available software

See software

Disk Arrangement

See disks

Usage guidelines

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