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About Ponyland

Ponyland is the informal name (officially Equestria) of the Computer Cluster for CLS. The cluster is used in the following ways:

  • Store databases and corpora
  • Run experiments
  • Parallel processing of huge datasets
  • Provide a Linux/Unix environment to users
  • Host several websites for CLS projects and affiliates

This service is provided for employees of CLS, affiliated guest researchers and student assistants.



The cluster is hosted by C&CZ at Faculty of Science (Huygensgebouw). Technical maintenance is provided by FNWI and user-support by admin.

Derpy & Spitfire

List of dedicated servers

AddressRAMLocal disk spaceCPU threadsAccessiblePurpose webserver and dataserver dataserver dataserver 504G 2.9T 56 y webserver, special purpose, portal

List of Pony-servers (computing nodes)

AddressBoring nameRAMLocal disk spaceCPU threadsGPU NVIDIA Tesla M40 NVIDIA Tesla M40

Please avoid Fancypants if you don't need the memory.

Ponies (computing nodes)

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