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IRC Chat

We have a lively IRC channel where you can always (text) chat with colleagues, who may be distributed over multiple offices, trains, or other remote locations. It is originally set up for the LST PI-Group, and hosted by UvT.

You can connect in your web browser here: or with your own IRC client with this information:

Channel #lst

See for more information.


F00f is our chatbot, developed by Wessel Dankers. It sometimes responds to things you say, but also knows serveral commands, among which:

!afk f00f says goodbye to you
!berisp $user f00f scolds the user
!compliment $user f00f compliments the user in a very original way
!galgje f00f plays hangman with you
!help f00f asks a random channel user for help
!kies $1 $2 f00f chooses between $1 and $2
!knuffel $user f00f hugs the user (if you're lucky)
!luns f00f responds to the fact that it's time for lunch
!paniek Let f00f express panic
$user++ f00f explains how cool the user is
!troost $user f00f comforts $user
!versier $user f00f tries to hit on the user in a very inappropriate way

For the full list of commands (there is much much much more), start a personal conversation with f00f, and say !help. If you say !help $command, f00f will explain to you what the command does.


Besides the channel #lst above, we also have a separate channel #gitlama, where we can see our Github commits posted. To also post your commits there:

  1. Go to the settings of your repository
  2. Webhooks and services
  3. Add service → IRC
  4., 6667, #gitlama

Github webhook

Beside the separate channel above, we also have a special Github webhook that posts to the main channel if you put #lama in the commit message. To use it, do the following:

  1. Go to the settings tab of your repo on Github
  2. Click webhooks, and add a new one
  3. As the url, add, and set the content type to 'url-encoded'
  4. Add #lama to the commit messages of the commits you want to show in the channel
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